Best Home Staging in Chester County PA

When trying to sell your vacant property in Chester County PA or nearby, quality home staging can make a dramatic difference. The best home staging transforms not only the way a property looks, but it matters also when it comes to how fast a house sells and for how much.

Take a look at the dramatic transformation quality staging can make:

As a home stager in Chester County I see it all the time, quality home staging always brings in more traffic which always translates in more offers and possibly a higher selling price.
The best home staging will not distract from the homes features, but showcase them.
Your Chester County home stager should choose carefully the furniture and accessories. Choosing the wrong style or furnishing a home for sale with dated, beat up furnishings will make your remodeled home or investment property look dated. Quality home staging makes a house look well maintained and updated.
In a hot market, everyone is in a hurry and often, buyers are spending more time trying on a pair of jeans than in a vacant home.  Having your vacant home staged will help them figure out not only what will fit and how can they place their furniture in the space, but it will also help them visualize the property potential. Your home stager should create a lifestyle that potential buyers aspire to.
Bottom line is: when selling your home, investment property, flip or new build in Chester County only the best home staging will provide consistently the results you need.
How do you know you get the best staging? Of course it starts with your home stager/staging company.
Ask your friends and family if they recommend someone. If you’re working with a realtor ask them too.
Then go online and search for home stagers in your area. Check their websites and online portfolio. Do you like what you see? Do the pictures posted look like something today’s buyers would aspire to? Once you narrowed it down, and you have your favorites, give them a call.
And one more thing: while home staging is not a regulated field and there is no such thing as accreditation, if your home stager took a class it shows they are serious about it and it is not just a hobby. They should know the difference between staging and decorating. That is the difference between merchandising a space and just filling up a house with furniture “every nook and corner”, the difference between SOLD and FOR SALE.

So, when you’re ready to sell your home, investment property or new build in Chester County, PA fast and for possibly more money, give us a call – we’d love to help you getting your property sold!