Elegant Farmhouse Style Dining Room and Family Room

It was a really busy summer in the design studio followed by an even busier fall. It was great though! I got the opportunity to work with clients on projects with very different style and oh how I love that!

When I begin the design for a new client there are two things that dictate the look and feel for my mood boards: the client’s style and personality, and the house style.
My client wanted a farmhouse look inspired by Joanna Gaines, with shiplap and dark grey walls, but her new house is an elegant stone front colonial. I gave an elegant feel to the farmhouse style and this how my mood boards look. She loved them all but she had to choose only one for her future dining room. Which one do you think it was her favorite?



farmhouse diningroom

Is farmhouse your style? I am happy help you select some cool pieces that go with your personality and your house style.

ReImagine Interiors is Selected Top 20 Interior Designers in Philadelphia

I am very proud and excited to announce that ReImagine Interiors was selected as one of the best 20 designers in the Philadelphia area by Fresh Home, one of the most popular and successful online magazines focusing on interior design and architecture. Winners were selected from over 100 interior designers, based on multiple factors such as quality of work, experience, customer satisfaction, responsiveness, etc. As a Main Line designer and home stager, it is truly flattering to be part of Philadelphia’s best. Thank you to the wonderful editors that gave me this honor!
Best Interior Designers in Philadelphia

Tips on How To Choose and Hang Artwork – part 2

6. If hanging a group of pictures of different sizes your best bet is to lay them down on the floor for the optimal arrangement. There no real rules here, but the arrangement should appear cohesive and balanced. You can also trace the arrangement on a large piece of paper and then hang the paper on the wall as your guide.

7. Try making art the inspiration point for a whole room’s color palette and material choices.

Take this bathroom for instance. It has a very tranquil feel to it and it doesn’t look like the art was an after thought but everything fits in just right.

8. If hanging art on a wall with busy wallpaper, make sure the art you choose has a simple pattern and/or lots of white.

9. Try to keep pictures in a room in the same style because art display in a room bring cohesiveness and a curated feel. As an example, mixing contemporary abstract paintings traditional and botanical prints would not be a good idea…

10. Placing art vertically can add the illusion of height to a room. Same with placing art horizontally: it add width to a room.

Tips on how to choose and hang artwork – part 1

7 Tips to stage your house to sell in Chester County, PA


Selling your home in Chester County? Then this is the time to see your house as a buyer not as a seller and critique your home the way you would if you were buying. I find it always helpful to really see a room’s flaws is by taking photos. The camera has a way of revealing what the eye misses.

The goal of staging your home is to emphasize the space, functionality and features AND help the buyers envisioning living in your house.

1. Curb appeal. The first impression buyers will make of your home whether online or in person is the outside of your home.  This is a good time to give your front door a fresh coat of paint . Also, it’s amazing what adding a few plants and fresh mulch does to improve curb appeal.2. Clean, Clean, and then Clean again! Nothing is a bigger buyer turnoff then a dirty home or an unpleasant odor. A well maintained, clean home is one thing that all the buyers are looking for.3. Lighten and Brighten – cleaning the windows is going to bring in as much light as possible. If you have bushes and trees that are blocking the windows trim them. Sometimes removing the window net is going to help too! Replace all burned out bulbs, and swap out lower wattage ones for higher wattage one. Remove or replace or take down heavy drapery and curtains so the focus will move on your windows.

4. Removing outdated wallpaper and painting in neutral colors.Because neutral colors go with almost any décor this makes it easy for buyers to see their furnishings in your home. And neutral doesn’t have to be boring!

5. Declutter and remove excess furniture: The purpose of home staging is to make the buyers see your home in it’s best light and for them to be able to envision themselves living there. The buyers should focus on your home, its square footage and architectural details with no distractions.

6. Buyers don’t want your deferred maintenance: Studies show that today’s buyer is looking for a turnkey home. Small issues that you’ve been putting off like broken doorbell, squeaky door hinges, chipped paint or molding – should be solved now. It really goes down to anything that buyers will note as a negative.

7. Call a professional Chester County home stager for a consultation today!  As a professional home stager serving the greater Philadelphia area I’m an expert at preparing your home for the real estate market, making it stand out from the competition. Professional Home Stagers know what buyers are looking for, and how to draw buyer’s attention to the home’s best architectural features while downplaying the possible price eroding items.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the Greater Philadelphia area, or it has sat on the market for a while now no respectable offers call ReImagine Interiors @ 484-318-5629 for a home staging consultation. At ReImagine Interiors we’re trained to know what makes a home sell and we offer a wide variety of staging services all geared to help you sell your home!