#designertips: How to update your beige home with grey

Grey is in and is still going strong for over 10 years now.
But trends in our area usually pick up later and even new construction is not always updated. Beige walls, warm earthy colors, travertine floors and splashes and very creamy whites on the woodwork and that many would wish they could change to embrace the grey but they don’t know how to do it without having to invest in all new furniture, decor, etc. So what do you do if it is all beige and want to go grey?

1. The easiest way is to start adding grey in small doses. Grey accents are not going to make it all grey but, they are going to update your decor.

2. Find a fabric, rug or art that combines both grey and beige and pull out your color scheme from there by repeating the colors throughout your room.

3. Metallic accents, glass, mirror are all in and they are going to help updating your color palette.
4. Are you ready to paint but you are not sure a cool grey will work well with beige? You are right – it wont! Grey will most often read blue near peachy, fleshy tones. Your option is to go with a warmer grey. If you don’t want to go as dark as the purple grey Dovetail from Sherwin Williams is you can try a softer grey like Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore ( even though I have to say I saw this one read blue in some situations) Or even better go with Sherwin Williams’ Accessible Beige – it is not a true gray but will definitely make the beige look updated.

Another thing that will update a beige interior is adding large scale pattern in black and white like the rug below