Before & After: West Chester Sophisticated Reno

My client came back from her trip inspired to redecorate her home. She wanted to change the flooring and freshen up the paint, but the family room needed a makeover as well and she wished the bedroom would feel more like a relaxing retreat. She entertains often so an open, inviting space with lots of seating were a must.

We also updated the kitchen with new quartz countertops and added some bling with a glass subway tile backsplash.
The breakfast area was bright and cheerful but the slipcovers on the chairs didn’t relate to anything else in her home. We kept it bright and cheerful with these new slipcovers
In the bedroom, we kept the drapes and her pine dresser and armoire which she loved for storage. but the knots of the pine not so much and we had them painted. The dresser was updated with gold framed mirrors  with geometric overlay of overlapping circles.
westchester_masterbedroomWestCheste_mastermakeoverThe tall tufted upholstered bed added height and style to the bedroom. The mirrored nightstands added a touch of glam and contemporary design to this otherwise traditional bedroom.


Before & After: Bright and Cheerful Downingtown Home Redesign

My clients bought their new home a few years back. They loved the neighborhood and the architectural style of the house, but the finishes they inherited from the previous owners not so much. Sounds familiar, right?


The previous owners style was very different than my clients: muted, earthy colors and finishes, deep rooted in the brown – tuscan trend. My clients are all about bright, fresh and cheerful spaces.

After struggling for three years with the direction she wanted her new home to go they hired me to redesign their kitchen and the adjoining family room. The request was for the design to be bright and cheerful. The only thing I had to keep was their blue sofa. Everything else was up for a change.

Starting from the blue sofa with contrasting green welt the blue and green color palette was decided for the family room.

The way the furniture was arranged previously didnt work for them so we changed the layout. And their brick fireplace got a quick make over with paint.

The kitchen felt dark and uninviting.
We replaced the travertine backsplash with a classic hex glass tile and had the kitchen cabinets repainted in a warm white.
We kept the dining set but freshened up the breakfast area by painting the dining chairs in a red orange color and installing custom window treatments for a tailored look.

Next up are the formal living and dining room. Can’t wait to work with my clients again to transform those areas into fun and bright rooms that they and their family will enjoy for a long time.

Decorating Rules of Thumb – Furniture Placement

Space planning can be a challenging task but is one of the most important aspects of interior design and when staging your home to sell. When a room is not laid out well it can feel cramped and awkward, and will not function well. If you keep in mind the basics and these helpful tips it may be easier than you think.

 1. Consider the function. The way a room is used and how many people are using it will be one of the most helpful things when choosing the type of furnishing and the amount required.
2. Find the focal point of the room: it can be a fireplace or windows with a beautiful view or you can create one: like an interesting chandelier in the dining room or a single large piece of art in a two story foyer.  The idea is to set up the furniture so the eye will be drawn that way.
The idea is to set up the furniture so the eye will be drawn that way.
 Decorating - furniture placement
 via Cote de Texas
3. Don’t forget the traffic flow and keep it simple. An inviting room is a room that doesn’t have any obstructions on your path. The correct choice of furniture when decorating is the one that fits you and your family’s needs but also the size of the room.
4. Create conversation areas. When  a room is described as large or spacious it is usually a good thing, but it can be difficult when experimenting with furniture placement. The room might end up feeling cold and unbalanced. You may be tempted to add too much furniture or too less.
Instead, try creating multiple conversation areas and symmetry is what you have to keep in mind when dividing a room in a rectangle or square shape. Area rugs can be used to define conversation areas.


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5. If you’re feeling lost or not happy with how your room feels there is always a #designer happy to help! Give us a call at (484)-318-5629 or send us an email at