Meet Magda Dubovecak –  Founder, Principal Designerinterior designer pa
Magda’s passion and achievements in design have positioned her as one of the best interior decorators in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Her personal signature is easy recognizable: a classic – yet modern, livable, casual-elegant style through a sophisticated use of light, pattern, texture and color.

Magda grew up in Europe and developed a passion for art and architecture history at a young age. She credits her artful sense for combining color, textures and light to her mother and grandfather, both very talented artists. Echoing her creative side, she embraced her technical skills and earned a master’s degree in computer science. After graduation, she worked for the leader in the development of design and architectural software in Europe. While achieving success in her career, she realized the need for embracing more her creative side. ReImagine Interiors was launched based on her strong belief that creating spaces in which people love to live can greatly enhance their life. ReImagine Interiors is an award winning full-service interior design that manages projects throughout Chester County, along the Main Line into Philadelphia and nationwide.

Magda’s collaborative design process is meant to unveil the vision her clients have for their home, bringing beauty in their lives not only through interiors but through our interactions and customer service as well. As a mother to two young children, she is also passionate about helping families to create child-friendly homes without sacrificing the adult aesthetic.