Planning to (re)decorate this year? 4 things to consider first.

New year, new projects! This time of the year is a good time to start planning if you consider remodeling and schedule some updates around the house that you’ve been putting off. Here are a few things you should do before starting any project

neutral living room open to the kitchen

Open Layout Family Room and Kitchen Design

via Sita Montgomery Interiors

1. Plan Before You Begin

Know what you want done. Is it the family room? Is the family room and adjoining kitchen? Once you have that down try and figure out what are your must haves for each space and what are your “would be nice to have but can live without” items. Knowing the scope of work will help you get your budget in check.

2. Think budget

When allocating a budget for items splurge on signature, quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Items like kitchen cabinets, solid wood flooring, dining room tables, beds, and architectural details like exposed beams and your front door, to name just a few.  And, if you are like most homeowners and don’t want to redecorate in 3-5 years stick with classic lines and timeless styles for these items. Read here how you can create a home that is current, yet timeless

white kitchen navy island and gold accents

Splurge in items that will stand the test of time

3. Keep function in mind

In order to make your remodeling/redecorating project a success it is important to have a functional design.  Your aim should be to create a space that is equally efficient and appealing. It will also be easier in the long run to switch up decor if the base layout is solid.
Think ahead on how are you using the room and if you want to accommodate large or small gatherings and plan accordingly. The furniture should fit in a room perfectly. It should belong to a room and be neither too large as to overpower, or too small as to seem unimportant.

4. Keep in mind that things do go wrong

It’s not like always something goes wrong but there might be items you didn’t account for or just unexpected expenses. Always budget an extra 10-15% for these. Common budget busters are typically impulsive buys, freight and shipping or the electrician that had to step in when you thought you can install the pendants yourself.

If you need a comprehensive plan for your decorating or remodeling project and peace of mind you are making the right choices the first time, I can  help. Contact us today.