Elegant Farmhouse Style Dining Room and Family Room

It was a really busy summer in the design studio followed by an even busier fall. It was great though! I got the opportunity to work with clients on projects with very different style and oh how I love that!

When I begin the design for a new client there are two things that dictate the look and feel for my mood boards: the client’s style and personality, and the house style.
My client wanted a farmhouse look inspired by Joanna Gaines, with shiplap and dark grey walls, but her new house is an elegant stone front colonial. I gave an elegant feel to the farmhouse style and this how my mood boards look. She loved them all but she had to choose only one for her future dining room. Which one do you think it was her favorite?



farmhouse diningroom

Is farmhouse your style? I am happy help you select some cool pieces that go with your personality and your house style.