Vacant/Model Home Staging

Staging a vacant home is even more critical than staging an occupied home. The goal is to add enough furniture and accessories to make the space feel warm and comfortable and to give home buyers a frame of reference so nothing is left to their imagination. Staging a vacant home will create an enhanced visual appeal and emotional connections for the buyers so they can imagine themselves living there. Staging a vacant home always drives more traffic to the home and improves the chances of selling it quicker and for more money.

Properties staged by ReImagine Interiors typically receive multiple offers in the first couple days of being on the market.


We will provide furniture and accessories, rugs (if needed), accessories, bedding, lamps and plants to stage your property and accentuate the home’s features. We will stage as many or as few rooms as your budget allows.
Typically, we suggest furniture and accessories for the main areas: living, dining and master bedroom, and lightly accessorizing the kitchen, powder room and master bathroom. Quotes are available upon request as every home is unique and price will vary. Call or text us at (484)318.5629 or send us an email at, for more information and we will send you a price estimate.
For requesting a quote, our clients call us usually 2-3 weeks before the property is ready to go on the market. There are many important details to address from layout to paint color selection and finishes, choosing the perfect lighting and furnishings to attract more buyers. Our Comprehensive Consultation covers all these aspects and if you would like a plan to make the house more sell-able you should call and set up an appointment much sooner.

Home Staging should be your a priority rather than a last resort when selling a property. There are many reasons to stage a vacant home. Here are just a few:

  • Empty homes feel cold and barren. Staging creates a vision that the buyer aspires and is drawn to.
  • Every imperfection is showcased. Staging your home will emphasize the positive features while downplaying the negative ones.
  • Empty rooms looks smaller. A professionally staged home will showcases each space to its full potential, while maintaining functionality and appeal.
  • Confusing layout/usage of the rooms. Staging makes sense of every space so the buyers do not have to guess.
  • Getting an edge over competition. Staging will set your property apart from the competition, which will result in higher traffic.
  • Expense – staging is pure economics and should be looked at as an investment. Studies show staged properties 72% sell faster and for 8-10% more saving you carrying costs.