For Realtors

It always makes sense to sell a home quickly and for the most money possible! With 9 out of 10 home buyers starting their search for homes online having amazing listing photos of great looking rooms is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have.If you are anxiety ridden every time you visit a new listing that is dark and dingy, cluttered with furniture and collections, that hasn’t been updated in ages, and you wonder how to tactfully handle the pitfalls of advising the homeowner on what they need to do to make their home appealing to others, you may want your clients to use a professional to advise on how to stage their homes.

As your Professional Home Stager here’s how I can help:

I will professionally consult with your home sellers and offer recommendations for preparing their home to show it in its best light possible.
During the Consultation I will explain what needs to be done and come up with an Action Plan to get their home ready for the real estate market. The work can be completed by the home owner or they can hire ReImagine Interiors to help do part or all of the work. At the end of the Home Staging Consultation the homeowners will have a solid plan on what needs to be done to get their home ready for the market.
If the homeowners need or desire additional help continued services are available.
The ultimate benefit is to both you and the home seller. The listing will have an edge over the competition and will appeal to more buyers. This leads to a quicker sale and for more money.