Why stage your home?

First and foremost You have only one chance to make a first impression and real estate staging is exactly that: giving the best first impression to potential buyers. A professional home stager will research the current trends in the market and the buyer demographics in the area. A professional stager will strive to provide emotional connections to buyers to your home and will provide furnishings and accessories that appeal to broadest range of your buyer demographic.

2. Staging sells your home faster.
You heard it thousand times but lets really think about it: the longer your home is on the market, the longer you are stuck and not able to move on with your life. No matter if the market is hot or not it is physically and emotionally draining be opening your home to buyers while having to keep it in show-ready condition. And then it comes down to the cost of “hanging” onto a home more than you want. Which is my next reason why staging your home works:

3. Staging sells your home for more money.
For most of us homeowners our home is our largest investment, so when time comes to sell we should treat it as just that: an investment. Staging studies show that staged homes sell for at least 8-10% more than their non-staged counterparts. Today’s buyer is more likely to pay more or have less objectives if the house is perceived as turn-key.

4. Staging is a great listing tool.
Having your home staged will make it look better in the marketing materials which results in more showing activity. Real estate agents will be more likely to bring their buyers to see a staged home as they see them as properties ready to sell. The result is a lot more EXPOSURE for your home and a product which will stand out from the COMPETITION.
As a seller you might want to consider staging your house if it is ‘market-worn’ or at the end of the listing period. The house can then be re-introduced to the market as the “Hot New Property”!

5.Staging always costs less than your first price reduction.
The BEST time to stage is BEFORE you list your property. When a house first goes on the market, it usually receives a lot of interest from real estate agents and the buyers. That’s the time to strike. Once that first wave of interest passes, time can become an enemy for a seller.
The next best time to stage is NOW. Consider staging before reducing your price – you wont believe how much impact staging your home can have!

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