#DesignerFavorite Top 5 White Paint Colors for Trim

It’s funny how something as simple as white should be can cause so much stress. That is because white is not simple at all, and when choosing the right white for your home you should take in consideration the undertones.
My top five favorites are all Benjamin Moore simply because I really like their Advance line of paint for trim and cabinetry, in general.

1.  White Dove OC-17 – It the one white I use a lot and it’s all around my house. I consider it to be the general donor of white paint as it goes with pretty much everything. It has a tiny bit of grey touch to it, but it is a really soft white. It looks crisp, but creamy paired with navy in this dining room we recently remodeled.

Interior Design Project Malvern PA - dining room

Wainscoting and trim BM White Dove  OC 17

2. Simply White OC-117 – Benjamin Moore’s color of the year and for good reason: it’s the perfect soft white feels warm but not too creamy.

BM imply White

BM simply White

3. Cotton Balls OC-122 – It has more creaminess to it reminding me of fresh coffee cream, but it still reads white and it feels pretty clean.

Cotton Balls OC

Trim and Cabinets Cotton Balls OC-122


4. Swiss coffee OC-45 – I have to admit the name was what attracted me the first time to this white. It is pretty similar to White Dove, but a bit more creamier. And how darling is this kitchen?

Kitchen Cabinets BM Swiss Coffee

Kitchen Cabinets BM Swiss Coffee

Design by Martha Angus; photo by Bruce DaMonte

5. Chantilly Lace OC-65 – It’s the whitest white in the bunch, the white against which you can compare the others. It is a great choice if you’re looking for crisp white and it looks great with marble like here:

Bathroom Cabnets BM Chantilly Lace

Bathroom Cabnets BM Chantilly Lace


Perfectly Neutral White Warm White Crisp White

White Dove OC-17


Simply White OC-117


Swiss Coffee OC-45


Cotton Balls OC-122


Chantilly Lace OC-65