Should I stage my empty house for sale? | Home Staging Chester County PA

No matter if your house is vacant or occupied, a flip, rehab or new built, staging a house for sale is always a good idea if you’re looking for a faster sale. The faster a home sales, the more likely you will get a better price and staging is known to always accelerate the process. But if you still wonder “should I stage my house for sale or should I leave it empty?” these are the first things to consider: how your property will appear in the online listing because more than 95% of buyers are starting their search online and that buying a house is based more on emotion than logic. Logic reasons like size, location are what are going to make the potential buyer to come see the house in person but the condition and emotion they will get when visiting is going to bring in an offer.

When deciding if staging your home is a good investment consider these things:

1. It is counter intuitive, but empty rooms look much smaller in listing photos. Since the online listing will help buyers decide whether to view the house in person, the staging will make your home look more attractive and drive more foot traffic. And more buyers is always a good thing.

2. Rooms too large. If your house has an open floor plan and the rooms are large the buyers will have trouble envisioning their furnishings in the space. The space may seem awkward and will raise problems. The buyers will wonder if they don’t pay for space they don’t actually need or use. Quality staging will help answer questions and solve problems buyers might have in regards to purpose of the room and furniture placement.

IMG_9101  living_staged_Paoli_no

Or rooms too small….If a room is empty it may as well look too small. Take this room for example: will a king size bed fit in here or not?

Bedroom before staging guest bedroom staging after


3. Selling a house is selling a lifestyle change. An empty house feels uninspiring and wont be remembered by much. Ask real estate agents and they will tell you that buyers absolutely adore a (well) staged house. A house that was staged properly will look inviting and fuel the buyers imagination. So leave them something to remember your property by…

bedroom_staging_Paoli_PAHome Staging Vignette

4. Professional home staging will give you an an edge over the competition.