Elegant and Bright Living Room Design Plan

One of the recent designs I worked on was for a wonderful client, Cindy. She and her husband relocated from New York in a 1860 house reproduction, in a more rural area. One of their biggest issue  was with the living room: a long, asymmetric room with two doorways and windows on all the sides. They were really confused as how to better place their furniture in the room and after trying a different ways they decided to call me in.

The house they moved in is packed with old-time charm and character that both Cindy and her husband love, but they were looking to transition into a more light and relaxed design. One of the things she mentioned on our first meeting was that she also considered moving to Florida and always loved the look of those coastal inspired homes, but didn’t think it would be a good fit for the area and house they currently lived in.

First we took care of the layout and came up quickly with two options to make their floor plan functional and this is the one they loved:


After getting to know them better, my goal was to combine the comfort of country living with elegance and the relaxed and calm feel of a coastal home in an eclectic style that would offer them both what they wanted. And this is how their mood board looks like:



The next items on the agenda are a custom built-in bookcases to flank the fireplace and new fireplace surround that will conceal their TV.

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