Home Staging Chester County, PA|Should I have my house professionally staged?

What is home staging?

One of the popular beliefs is that Home Staging and Decorating are the same thing, but staging a home for sale is far more than decorating.
Home Staging is the best Marketing tool one can have. It’s about real estate and making a profitable sale!

Home Staging is preparing a house for the reak estate market using creative design elements to merchandise it to the potential buyers. The more buyers are interested in a property the more offers and the quicker the sale. The ultimate goal is to maximize the return on the sale of the most valuable financial asset one has.

Home Staging is getting more money on your property!

Goals of home staging include correcting any perceived design flaws, drawing attention to the positive aspects of the property, downplaying the negatives and making the space appear as large and light as possible while creating emotional connections for potential buyers.

Location. Condition. Price. Today’s buyers want a well priced home in a good location that looks move in ready, and when these three factors are in place a home sells fast and for the most. Outdated homes seem neglected, and don’t leave a good impression on home buyers and this is why they have a hard time to sell and sell for less. We create lifestyle and purpose to each room. The curb appeal, exterior and interior will be market ready and look attractive, memorable and desirable. Each piece of furniture or decor item will be strategically placed.

staging_living_area_before_and after

Between two products equal in price, function and quality, the better looking will out sell the other. – Raymond Loewy

Why should I have my home professionally staged?

It is very difficult to be subjective about something as personal as your home, and we can help you see it through buyer’s eyes. For a home to be staged successfully it requires not only creativity, but also design, merchandising and real estate knowledge. Knowing how to emphasize the positives while downplaying the negative as well as what expenditures will bring maximum ROI (return on investment) is crucial and this is why you should reach out and hire a professional stager.

Another advantage of hiring a professional home stager is thinking outside the box. We see the home with fresh eyes and we have the ability to do make changes that haven’t been considered before in order to create great results that make your home sell.

Each house is unique and requires a creative talent. The properties staged by ReImagine Interiors are tailored to reach the target buyer. It is important to create an atmosphere that helps buyers to feel home, and make them want to submit an offer.

Is home staging expensive?

Staging doesn’t have to be expensive. An investment in staging can cost as little as a few hundred dollars for a consultation to several thousand dollars for full staging services, furniture and accessory rentals or purchases, and minor repairs and updates, such as repainting and updating lighting, plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware.

Staging has been proven to get a home sold sooner (staged homes sell 73% faster than unstaged houses) thereby saving money on taxes, utilities, maintenance and mortgage. Almost always the cost of having your home professionally staged it is going to be less than the first price reduction.

If you are ready to sell your home faster and for maximum profit, contact ReImagine Interiors today at (484)318-5629 or send us an email at info@reimagineinteriors.com.