How to Get the Right Paint Color for Your Home

As a home stager and interior redesigner in Chester County, I often recommend paint colors. For a redesign project, choices can be and are much bolder than when you stage to sell. Whether you plan to sell or to stay here are some tips to help choosing the perfect color:

1. Find inspiration: find images that you like and pin them so you will have a clear idea what style and mood appeal to you.  Use your favorite pillow, scarf or a piece of fabric for pulling the color palette. One of my favorites websites for inspiration is

colorpalette   colorpalette2


2. When choosing a paint color never look at it horizontally in your hand unless it is going on the counter tops or the floors. Always look at the paint chip vertically against the wall. Always paint a large swatch and move it around to see it in all different light conditions. Two colors that may appear to match in one light source may not match under another light source so always pay attention to lighting. The natural daylight will show the truest colors, but you should always see how your paint color looks under the other light conditions present in your home

3. Keep in mind the big picture: it is really important to see how will your paint color go with the fixed elements in the room (rug, tiles, countertops, cabinets, trim, etc)and the flow with the adjacent rooms, especially in an open space.

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