Why a Home Staging Consultation is the Best Investment

Many people seem to think home staging is just moving things around, fluffing up some pillows or getting in rental furniture. While that may be partially true, every home is different and everybody has different things to work with.

By calling ReImagine Interiors for an occupied Home Staging Consultation you’ll get expert advice on what what updates would bring the best return on investment(ROI) and how we can accomplish an effective “packaging” to bring the best out of your home, at an affordable price.

home staging return on investment

During a Home Staging Consultations we’ll go through your home, inside and out, and we’ll discuss what needs to be done to get your home in market ready condition. We will suggest the optimal furniture layout, discuss what items need to be pre-packed, and make paint color recommendations, if needed.

If you’re the do-it-yourself type then a Home Staging Consultation is the perfect choice for you! The goal of the Home Staging Consultation is to give you a solid plan for what needs to happen in every room of your house. At the end of your consultation you will know exactly what needs to happen in each room in order to sell your home for maximum profit.

Once you’ve completed all or part of the suggestions discussed in your Home Staging Consultation, ReImagine Interiors will do as much or as little work as you’d like.

The bottom line is that with an investment of only a few hours of your time and a couple hundred dollars for a Home Staging Consultation you will see at least 299% ROI (according to HomeGain Home Improvement National Survey Results). And having your home professionally staged always costs less than the first price reduction.

To schedule a Home Staging Consultation call (484)318-5629 or send me an email at info@reimagineinteriors.com