Why Home Staging Works

Home staging works! But why you might wonder: the truth is that today’s typical home buyer wants either a great deal on a property or they will pay a premium to buy a home that is “move in condition”
Most of the times the house hunters start their search thinking they can look over empty or cluttered rooms. In reality, less than 10% of buyers can actually do that. Home Buyers leave the house with a list of items they want to find in a house but end up buying based on emotion.

Successful home builders know they need create a lifestyle that the potential buyers will aspire to and this is the reason we see te Model Homes in new developments. They don’t leave things to the buyers imagination.

The same principle is applied in home staging/real estate styling to help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Home staging is about creating a great first impression of a well-maintained home. Done well, home staging should make your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, and warmer. Home staging should give purpose to every square foot.
Staging your home should help buyers make that emotional connection that makes them want to buy your house instead of the one down the street. Done well, a staged house should feel like home – your potential buyers home, not yours.

Once a potential buyer can say, “I love it, this is it” they will be looking past some of the “must haves” they had on their checklist before they walked in the door. That’s why when staging a home to sell it is important to have a strategy and to pay attention to even the smallest detail.

Simple things like rooms that are crowded with furniture, too many personal collections, squeaky doors or dripping faucets make the buyer think that maybe the house wasn’t maintained well, and they’ll going through the house finding small issue just to reinforce that first thought. All these little items should be fixed.

To sell your home fast and for maximum profit you want buyers to fall in love. This is what motivates a potential buyer to actually make an offer and not continue their search to find the perfect home or “the great deal”. Once they start worrying that if they don’t take action someone else will, once they start thinking that if they don’t act now they might be sorry, the competition stands no chance!